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We are on a mission to educate and consult in the public sector. From webinars on Grants Management, to technical sessions on Dynamics CRM, the Eperformance Training Academy is here to bring you up to speed whether your skillset is entry-level or highly technical.

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  • 0303 - Dynamics xRM No Code Solution Specialist Bootcamp

    The big question: Configuration vs. Customization? Since 2013, Dynamics CRM/xRM has been a tool where most projects could be configured with no development, meeting all must-have features for end users with no code. In this course, we reveal the secret to how we've been doing this for years by giving students in-depth design practices and tools to fully leverage Dynamics CRM out of the box (OOB). Our goal is to offer options for those avoiding or reducing custom coding. This 4-day course picks up where the entry-level Bootcamp finishes and brings users up to speed on the most relevant and free configuration tools available to custom coding averse application specialists, business analysts and programmer analysts alike.

  • 0502 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015|16/365 Developer Boot Camp

    This 4 day course focuses on extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 beyond the out of the box features and takes up where the Dynamics CRM Boot camp leaves off. A variety of code samples and exercises are provided to ensure the most common and useful extensions are reviewed with physical take-aways for students. The 4 days focus around the following major topics:

    Day 1 – Advanced Configuration & Tools: Workflows, Dialogs, the Ribbon Workbench and SDK Tools

    Day 2 – Minor Coding: JavaScript, Web Resources, XML – Sitemap, Charts, FetchXML and RDLs

    Day 3 – Plugin and Web Service Development

    Day 4 – Interfacing: Mastering the API

    Modules all contain a hands on approach, students can bring their own laptops or use the ones provided for the course and can take home the exercises and code packages and projects developed within the course via a provided USB.

  • 0204 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 to 365 Boot Camp for Government

    This 5 day boot camp combines 3 courses into one to give students a full perspective of CRM Dynamics 2013 through 365, how to use its existing features as well as how to use the configurable and customizable features of the software.